You name it, The Insights Grill has done it.  But if we had to pick one word to summarise the type work we do, it would be bespoke.   We love cookies, but not the cookie-cutter approach.  Every organisation has a unique culture and set of needs when it comes to insights, and for them we offer:

______________________  (<insert your unique need here)

Brand Research & Positioning

Innovation, New Product/Service Development and Concept Testing

Customer Satisfaction and Experience Optimisation

Advertising and Communications Research, Development & Testing

Media Behaviour Mapping


User Experience Research (Design and Testing)

Consumer Segmentations / Brand Muses

Competitive Intelligence / Landscape Mapping

Path-to-Purchase Journeys

Trend Identification (Opportunities & Threats)

Social Media Monitoring and Assessment


To see how we do it, go to Spill the Beans (Our Methodologies)