BADvertising: Uniqlo tagline says it all... yet says nothing

A bus just drove past me with a billboard for retailer Uniqlo that simply said: "Life Wear."  Perhaps the most vacuous tagline I've seen in a long time - like they placed the two broadest terms together and called it an idea.   I've always thought of Uniqlo as the Japanese Gap and I've no doubt benefited from their uber-cheap cashmere sweaters in the past (when I lived in a cold environment that required them).   Hoping there was more to this under-statement, I went online hoping to discover a more unique, erm, I mean, Uniqlo slant.   Instead, all I found was this non-sense:  


So basically... we sell clothes.   

Pretty disappointing comms from a brand that otherwise stands out.

Posted on January 7, 2015 and filed under BADvertising.