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Bread Wars and Supermarkets Behaving Badly

It seems unfair to pick on just one of our Australian duopoly supermarkets so it's an uncanny coincidence when they BOTH manage to behave badly in the same month regarding the same topic: Bread.   

Woolies is currently airing a TVC "Cheap Cheap" that features a parody of the song Rockin' Robin ("cheap cheap" replaces "tweet tweet").  It's main thrust is a tactical promotion of their 85-cent loaf of their Homebrand white bread.  Now we're all for finding a (rare) bargain on food in Australia so applaud helping out Aussie families that have kids to feed.   We also expect the deal to be hugely popular among German backpackers in hostels across the country (but not French ones of course).  

But the whole execution just feels a bit too much like a rip-off of "Down Down" from Coles.   Using language like "It's cheap, and staying cheap" is really no different from the "Down and staying down" Coles message.  Great brands aim to create real and sustainable difference - this ad, with the read signage that recalls the Coles "Down" foam finger - just blurs the two brands further together.   

Coles on the other hand was just banned from advertising bread FOR 3 YEARS(!) after the Federal Court found them guilty of misleading consumers by claiming its bread was "freshly baked in store" when in fact it was sometimes partially baked elsewhere.   We love the way Coles bakery smells so we're somewhat disheartened by this - but the moral of the story kids is one of transparency: lies, even itty bitty teeny tiny (cheap cheap!) lies will get caught.

Posted on October 1, 2014 and filed under BADvertising.