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BADvertising: Love Supreme Pizza - overly emotional?

We don't normally focus on smaller, local businesses, and certainly don't want to cause them any harm (we love small biz - we ARE a small biz)... but walking past Love Supreme, a pizza joint (if-not-institution) in Paddington, we noticed its tagline "Emotional Pizza for One and All."  Something about this just rubs us the wrong way.  There's been a lot of talk over the past few years about building emotion into brands and the increased efficacy of emotional advertising (vs rational / logical ads).  This tagline just seems to hit the wrong note and here's why:

1. "Emotional + Pizza" are not really two words that make sense together in the first place.  What exactly IS emotional pizza?  It doesn't even sound very nice.  Are there tears in my sauce?  In food branding, perceptions of taste are uber-important, and this phrase risks diluting positive perceptions - not a risk we would encourage clients to take;   

2. They've already got the words Love and Supreme in their name - both strong, evocative words rife with meaning, and together they work very well: everyone can relate to the notion of Love, and Supreme tells us that there is something great about this brand and thus (hopefully), the pizza.   We don't need "emotion" beat into our heads.  One questions if they even need the tagline at all given the stronger brand name and local reputation (4.3 Stars out of 5 on Facebook reviews).  

3.  Last, we've done a lot of brand strategy work over the years, and this tagline sounds more like someone took what was supposed to be an internally-facing brand essence and turned it into a tagline.  We like the democratic angle ("for one and all") but just can't wrap our heads around why you'd call it emotional pizza.  If anyone who works at Love Supreme is reading this, let us know the thinking behind it and we'll happily share with our readers!   



Posted on January 30, 2016 and filed under BADvertising.