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RADvertising: Macca's Egg McMuffin in 3D animation

It is a little known fact that I have Macca’s for brekky once a week (on average). Since I don’t eat meat, I try to cheat the system by ordering the cheaper “muffin but add egg and cheese to it” rather than “an Egg McMuffin but skip the bacon.” I also add a hash brown with tomato sauce on it into the delectable breakfast sandwich. And sometimes I guzzle down a Coke with it too.

But I digress.

Normally I rant against ads that are longer than 60-seconds, finding them gratuitous and not user-friendly (thanks to YouTube I’ve learned to love 6 second ads - which make 60 second ads feel like an eternity). However, and I’m totally stealing this from a source I’ve forgotten: There’s no such thing as a short attention span - there is only bad content that doesn’t hold your attention.

For instance, I rewatch a Star Wars movie about once a week (not necessarily whilst eating my meatless McMuffin) and the average length of a Star Wars movie (only the good original ones from my 80s childhood) is 121 minutes if you don’t include the credits.

HOWEVER - a French 3D animation guru just crafted this 2-minute ad/video and all I can say is… I’M MESMERISED. And wish it went even longer:

B&T did a much more in-depth article about it here. But really all I want to do is rewatch it… and go for Macca’s tomorrow morning…

Posted on August 28, 2019 and filed under RADvertising.