As any great cook knows, the best dishes require a balance of ingredients. 

The same holds true for market research, but too often companies rely on one-ingredient research:  A couple focus groups… or…   a survey.    Sure they can produce results individually, but they’re usually better together. 

That’s not to say every project is going to have both (time and budget often don’t allow).  But what if you baked in just a few other data sources:   A trend report?  An example from abroad?  An expert’s opinion? 

By adding a few unexpected flavours, we’re able to help clients discover that secret ingredient for better business results.

To that end, there are Six Values we live and die by:

1.       Be Impactful – Know your client’s business, provide bespoke service, deliver results that are actioned

2.       Be Progressive -  Use the tools and technologies at our fingertips today; nudge clients and industry towards better insight development

3.       Be Creative – Use creativity for competitive advantage: in how the research is planned, executed and reported

4.       Be Story Led – Numbers and quotes from the research are important, but always tell the bigger story

5.       Be Agile – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” isn’t just an internet meme; it’s a business truth.  Start now, respond quickly, and be concise in reporting. 

6.       Be Ethical –Have complete candor with clients and consumers, and make data integrity paramount