We don’t like to talk methodology until we understand your business’ insights objectives, timing and of course, budget.  That said, we have a few fervent beliefs when it comes to research approach, and about 15 main methodologies in our pantry.

Our Beliefs:

1.       Consumers are more commercially savvy than ever – and super ready to articulate their opinions both online and in-person, and in a creative fashion if asked.

2.       Using multiple data sources yields better results:  Qual and quant, online and in-person, social media and social science.   Get the bigger picture.

3.       Crap in / Crap Out:  If you ask the same bland questions as your competitors, you’ll get the same bland answers.  Make research engaging for respondents.

Although thanks to social media the lines between Qual and Quant are blurring, we’d map out our 15 preferred methodologies as such:


jelly beans l.jpg


  • Focus groups (done brilliantly)
  • One-on-ones (in person, phone or web cam)
  • Online Bulletin Board Discussions (from 1 day to 2 weeks+)
  • Ethnographies (In-home hangouts and shadowing
  • Shop-alongs (In-store or on the street intercepts)
  • Mobile Studies (using mobiles to capture in the moment experiences)
  • Self-Reported Video Diaries
  • Cultural Safaris (city and store tours)
  • Workshop Facilitation and Co-Creation Labs
  • Social Media Monitoring (thematic analysis, sentiment, volume and share)



  • Online Surveys (done engagingly – never dull)
  • Micro-surveys /Quick Polls
  • Prediction Markets
  • MROCs (Market Research Online Communities, both pop up and long term)
  • Pre/Post Surveys