How we do it

We don’t like to talk methodology until we understand your business objectives, insight needs, timing and of course, budget. That said, we tend to perform the following for our clients:

On the QUANT side:

  • Online Surveys (done engagingly – never dull)
  • Micro-surveys /Quick Polls
  • MROCs (Market Research Online Communities, short and long term)
  • Pre/Post Campaign Effectiveness Studies
  • Web analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics)
  • Social Media Monitoring (thematic analysis, sentiment, volume and share)

On the QUAL side:

  • Focus groups (done brilliantly)
  • One-on-ones (in person, phone or web cam)
  • Online Bulletin Board Discussions (from 3 days to 2 weeks+)
  • Ethnographies (In-homes, at work, at pubs and clubs)
  • Shop-alongs (In-store or on the street intercepts)
  • Mobile Studies (using mobiles to capture in the moment experiences)
  • Self-Reported Video Diaries