We Believe

The Insights Grill believes all companies, from the mammoths to the mom-and-pops, deserve better research.

By blending creative qual and quant methodologies, digital technology and a thirst for improving your business, The Insights Grill will plug into your organisation to produce insights, ideas and innovations served up in a fast, fresh fashion.

We believe:

  • Creativity in market research is a competitive advantage.  Bland questions yield bland insights… the same ones your competitors have.
  • Inspiration is everywhere… if you look and listen.  Take the wide view and look at your brand and category through the lens of culture and real life (just like your consumers do)
  • Qual and quant are blurring:  Numbers alone rarely tell the whole story, and words are better when they can be measured.
  • Focus groups and surveys still have plenty of value (and we do them brilliantly) but they are stronger when augmented by other sources of insight.